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Car Park Traffic Management

Traffic Management in Parking Area – Before and After School

Please take note of the following arrangements which are in place for the College Car Park.

  • The maximum time for a Drop-Off of students should not exceed 20 seconds. If you plan to take longer than this, please park in a Parking Bay.

No vehicle should ever be parked in the Drop-Off Zones. Drivers of vehicles are not to get out of their vehicles when stopped in the drop off zone. If you need to go and look for your child then you must park in a parking bay.

New Bus Embayment Areas – Furley Road

The College buses have been moved from the Secondary pick-up area in the bottom carpark of the College to the new embayment area on Furley Road.

Under no circumstances are vehicles to use these embayment areas to pick up or drop off students at the College. Please keep these areas clear at all times.

Primary Drop-off and Pick-up Area
Only vehicles containing Primary school students should be accessing the College main carpark.

  • Parents who are dropping off or picking up their children may follow either Route A or Route B on the diagram below.
    • Route A is recommended for vehicles with both Primary and Secondary students.
    • Route B is recommended for families with only Primary school students.
    • When vehicles are backed up in Access way C, students may disembark. However this becomes a problem when a drop-off stops the traffic flow to allow students to disembark – therefore students should only be permitted to disembark in this area when traffic is not moving.
    • Vehicles should always move as far forward as possible.  The Drop-Off Zone for Primary students extends to the crosswalk at the Kindy corner.  Therefore parents are encouraged to move to that point where possible to drop off/pick up their children.


The prime aim of these measures is to keep traffic moving smoothly through the parking area while maintaining the highest levels of safety for our children.  

IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you and your children only use the designated crossings.

Please obey the directions of the staff on car park duty in the morning and afternoon.

Secondary Drop-off and Pick-up Area

This area has now been tarmacked. The picture is currently out of date.

The drop-off/pick-up points are the embayment areas along the hardtop, extending from the back of D3 to the Entrance/Exit gate. (Please see attached map) The drop-off/pick-up points can be accessed through the bottom gateway and then following the route along the colorbond fence, up around the roundabout and then coming back down the buildings side of the driveway to pick up the students from the drop-off/pick-up points. Students are not to be picked from any other point – eg vehicles may not stop adjacent to the colorbond fence to pick up students 

Vehicles must stay in single file at all times, and there is to be no stopping along the route unless the flow of traffic indicates that you must do so. However, in these cases students will not be permitted under any circumstances to cut across the traffic to their parent’s/carers vehicle. Vehicles are also not to be parked at any point along the route, and must always be moving in a forward direction.  

Under no circumstances are vehicles to leave the sealed road to wait for students, or park, other than in the blue metal carpark area next to the oval. 

In summary, if you are dropping off or picking up:


 Primary Students

 Main Car Park Only

 Primary & Secondary Students

 Main Car Park Only

 Secondary Students  

 New Pick Up Point as above