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Chromebooks from July 2016

Dear Parents,


In 2014 we launched our Every Student Programme. A significant part of this was to have our Year 3 - 9 students using Chromebooks to assist them with their learning and to bring about new opportunities for teachers to engage them in the learning process. Many students in the Senior School, (Yrs 10-12) as part of the Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) programme, have continued to use Chromebooks even when they’ve had the choice to switch to a Mac or PC.

Based on our research and the successful deployment of Google Apps for Education across the College, we have decided that we will extend the use of Chromebooks to our Year 10 students in 2017, Yr 11’s in 2018 and Yr 12’s in 2019. This will gradually replace the current BYOL programme. This is great news for teachers and students. (For a full analysis of the value of Chromebooks in K-12 please click here)


We have continued to receive feedback from students, teachers and parents. Parents have indicated that they want to have more choice in the Chromebooks that they buy. Therefore, from July this year, parents are free to choose any Chromebook on the market.

When making a purchase we highly recommend that you consider the following criteria:

Strength and Durability (especially screen quality)

Warranty Period & Conditions


A Hard Protective Case

The College, in partnership with JB Education (the education arm of JB Hi-Fi), is opening a new portal where parents will have the opportunity to purchase a ChromeBook in a range of price-points. The purchase will be bundled to  include a Google Management Licence (GML) at a cost of $50. The Chromebook will be delivered directly to the College and registered ready for student use.

Should parents choose to purchase a Chromebook from a vendor other than JB Education, they must still purchase a GML from the JB Education portal. The Chromebook will then need to be brought to the College together with proof of purchase of the GML for registration. It is preferred that the ChromeBook remains unused before the registration has been completed. (To access the new JB Education portal please click here. Our school code is TCC2016)

Parents will no longer be required to purchase a tekskin as the College will provide a registration sticker which will include the student’s name.


The College has a bank of loan Chromebooks to ensure continuity of learning. We will continue to provide a loan unit, should students leave their Chromebook at home or forget to charge.

All repairs and warranty claims will be the responsibility of the parent. Once evidence of repairs or warranty work has been provided, the College will provide a device for student use. Should a Chromebook need to be replaced, a device will be provided on evidence of the paid order.

However, where no repair is in progress or no order placed and the student does not have a working device, a rental charge of $5.00 per day will apply. This rental will require a prepayment to be made before the College Chromebook is borrowed.

Help Desk, situated in the College Library, provides technical assistance for students and advice to parents. Should a device purchased through the portal require either warranty work or repairs due to damage, Help Desk will submit these jobs to JB Education on behalf of the parent.

For Chromebooks purchased outside of the portal, warranty and repairs will be the responsibility of parents.

Please contact the team at Help Desk helpdesk@thornlie.net  for any queries about purchasing a Chromebook, accessing the portal or any other general questions.


Mike Kingsford

Deputy Principal

Chairperson IT Committee