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College Assessment Policy



The evaluation of student learning is an integral part of the teaching process. Not all evidence of learning is formally assessed but students are given an assessment on completion of tasks or by way of tests and examinations. The components contribute to a formal grade giving insight into the progress of a student as well as providing accurate, objective, equitable indications of the student’s achievement of specified outcomes. The following Assessment Policy must be read thoroughly and understood by the student and the parent. At the beginning of each year, students will be given an Acknowledgement Form to complete with both a parent and student signature indicating understanding and acceptance of the College Assessment Policy. This is to be returned and kept by the College.


Parents and students are informed at the beginning of the academic year, of the timing and method of reporting student progress. Formal reports will be issued each semester. To give parents and students early feedback, an interim report on the progress of learning will be issued at the end of Term 1. Teachers are encouraged to communicate with parentrs as difficulties arise. Students of Concern are discussed on a regular basis and if needed a Performance Report is initiated and posted to the parent/guardian.


At the commencement of a subject or course, all students in the Secondary School will be provided with a Course Outline and an Assessment Structure. A copy of these are also available on line by accessing the College Website. This will provide information on due dates, weightings and type of assessment for each assessed item.

The detail provided in the Course Outline will vary, but generally the information given to students will be reasonably detailed.

In Year 11 & 12 changes to the assessment components or their relative weightings during the year must be given in writing.

It is important to note that ALL assessments must be submitted by the due date to avoid the penalty of 10% loss for each day late, up to five days. All assessments must be completed for a grade to be allocated to a subject/course, unless there is a verifiable reason.


ALL of the assessment tasks stated on the Assessment Program for each subject/course MUST be completed.

All assessable work must be submitted on the date specified - UNLESS special circumstances exist, and an alternative date has been specifically negotiated with the teacher PRIOR to the submission date. A Permission For Extension Form must be filled out, approved and signed by the subject teacher. This includes late submission due to illness. Forms can be obtained from Student Services.


Teachers, in association with the Learning Area Co-ordinator will establish whether, and to what extent, penalties will be imposed for late submission of work. Students will be informed about any penalties at the commencement of the course and in most subjects/courses 10% will be deducted daily for late submission (inclusive of weekends). After five days a zero will be given.

When a student has been ill and away from school, it is the student’s responsibility to submit any work due, immediately upon her/his return. Overdue assessable work because of illness in Year 11 & 12 may require a medical certificate. Long term illness should be referred to the Learning Area Co-ordinator. A student will not be penalised for illnesses or family circumstances out of their control.

A “Failure To Submit” an assignment form is given to a student for failing to submit an assignment by the due date and where no extension was negotiated with the teacher.

In Year 11 & 12 failure to submit an assessment without due cause will result in a “U” being awarded. A grade of “U” means that the course is Unfinished and it will neither appear on any certification nor count toward Secondary Graduation.

NOTE - It is essential that all students recognise that it is their responsibility to initiate discussions before the deadline if there is any danger that the deadline will not be able to be met and to complete the Permission for an Extension Form and have it approved and signed by the subject teacher.


Throughout the year, several assessment pieces are to be completed in class. If a student misses or is absent for one of these prescribed assessments then A MEDICAL CERTIFICATE MAY NEED TO BE PROVIDED - or evidence of EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES existing.

On receipt of the above (if required), one of the following will apply:
  • an alternative time will be allocated for the task to be performed.
  • the students will be recorded as absent and the student’s results for other similar assessments will be averaged to provide the assessment component for this task.
  • Where no satisfactory explanation has been received, the student will have a mark of 0 (zero) recorded for the task/assessment. A letter will be sent to the student’s parents advising that in line with Curriculum Council guidelines, in the event of another task/assessment being missed without satisfactory explanation, the student will be recorded as “Unfinished” in the subject/course and this will mean that the course cannot be counted towards Secondary Graduation. In Year 11 & 12 this also has ramifications for University Entrance and TAFE Entrance. The missed test must still be completed in order to avoid a final result of “Unfinished”.
  • Students with learning difficulties will be considered in an appropriate way in accordance with Curriculum Council guidelines.
  • The student will complete all of the assessment tasks and assignment requirements at either a lunch-time detention or afterschool detention until completed.


In the event that students, after being given an extension still fail to submit work for assessment, an Academic Saturday Detention will apply. A letter will be sent home to the parents informing them of the situation. Saturday Detention is held in Week Five and Week Ten of a term unless otherwise notified.


Senior School Students - Changing subjects once the year has commenced can only be done with written approval from the Assistant Principal Secondary in consultation with the subject teacher. If approval is given the Subject Withdrawal Form must be completed by the student and signed by the parent and returned prior the commencement of the new subject. Changing subjects can only be done in the first five weeks of the year. The students must be aware that any assessments that have already been completed in the new subject will need to be completed. In Year 11 & 12 the student has to attempt ALL the assessment program before a grade can be determined and in some cases transferable assessment may be able to be used.


Students shown to have cheated in exams or tests is considered unacceptable and the student will be disciplined. The penalty will be authorised by the Assistant Principal or Deputy Principal and the parents will be informed in writing. Most often the student should anticipate a mark of 0 (zero) for that component of the course.


It is completely appropriate for students to seek assistance from family members, friends, or private tutors when having difficulty understanding work. This however, is different from people making or suggesting specific changes to a student’s work or when a student uses someone else's words or ideas without acknowledging that they have done so. (ie work is essentially copied.)

To take and use another's work, and present it as your own, is totally unacceptable and will result in you receiving NO credit at all for the assessment task.


Please be aware that because of the Duty of Care Regulation under which all teachers operate, any information that is disclosed in your personal writing, may need to be disclosed to another appropriate party.