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Electronic Devices Policy


Thornlie Christian College embraces the use of electronic devices for educational purposes. Thornlie Christian College recognises that personal mobile phones are valuable when used to ensure the safety of students travelling unsupervised to and from College.

However, Thornlie Christian College also recognises that electronic devices can be subject to unacceptable use, particularly in regard to cyber-bullying, invasion of privacy and cheating and they can also be a source of distraction and disruption during class time.

Therefore students at Thornlie Christian College are not permitted to have these devices during College hours.


  • Students who need to bring an electronic device to school must hand them into Student Services prior to the commencement of the day. 
  • Students will register the item and will be given as proof of safekeeping. 
  • Students may collect their equipment at the end of the day. 
  • Students who decide not to abide by College policy will have their equipment confiscated if it is sighted during College hours. 
  • Confiscated equipment may be reclaimed by the Student’s parent.
Thornlie Christian College accepts no responsibility for personal electronic devices that are lost, damaged or stolen.

Due to the rapidly changing nature of technology, this policy will be subject to ongoing review in the interests of ensuring that technologies are harnessed to ensure the best possible educational outcomes for students at Thornlie Christian College.