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Enrolment Policy


This policy is premised on the understanding that the aim of a Christian College is primarily to prepare students from Christian homes who share the aims, beliefs and values of the College, to become faithful and obedient disciples of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Thornlie Christian College has been established by the Thornlie Church of Christ to assist Christian parents in the education of their children. It is for this reason that the College’s educational programme is based on Christian values and understandings.


It is the expectation of Thornlie Christian College that all staff members are committed Christians who are faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and whose lifestyle and beliefs, inside and outside the College, reflect Biblical values.

Thornlie Christian College also expects that parents wishing to enrol their children in the College should share the Biblical values and beliefs on which the College is based (for further clarification see the College’s Statement of Faith.) and should attempt to inculcate these values and beliefs in their children and to live, lives consistent with these values and beliefs both inside and outside the College. The College would normally expect both parents (where the children are in care of both mother and father) to be committed Christians, or where one parent is committed to Christ the other parent, if living with the children, to consent to their being given a Christian education. Parents who do not meet the above requirements but who genuinely want a Christian education for their children are invited to discuss the possibility of enrolment of their children with the College.


The College will accept students from Christian homes without discriminating on grounds of race, disability, intelligence, financial status or gender, except:
  • In cases of severe physical or mental disability where the College reserves the right not to enrol a student if it is unable to provide the necessary facilities, resources or staffing required to provide the student with a sound Christian education. 
  • The College reserves the right to refuse any enrolment. 
Parents who wish to enrol their children in the College will be required to:
  • complete an application form in which they: 
    • give permission for their children to be trained and corrected according to the College rules and policies (including Behaviour Management policy);
    • signify agreement with the College’s Statement of Faith. 
    • agree to their students being brought up according to these beliefs and values; and 
    • signify a willingness to support the College as indicated below: 
  • attend an interview with their children where the College philosophy will be explained and their agreement sought;
  • agree to support the College in all ways they can, including attending meetings, by supporting College programs such as working bees, rosters etc and by regularly paying College fees. 
  • provide their children with the correct College uniform and other equipment required for their schooling; 
  • agree to their children being involved in all areas and activities of the College, including worship, scripture lessons, excursions and sport. 


  1. Students and parents/guardians agree to actively support the College’s Vision and Values. 
  2. Student attendance is required at official College functions (eg. Awards Evenings) and all timetabled activities, including intra/inter school sporting events, camps, etc. Students are expected to attend College during the published term dates. If circumstances (other than illness) require a student to be absent from the College for a period greater than five (5) days, advance notification should be made in writing.
  3. The College reserves the right to discipline students for breaches of the College rules and general misbehaviour. The Principal reserves the right to suspend or permanently exclude a student from the College. A decision to permanently exclude a student will be taken by a specially conferred Expulsion Committee and the decision will be subject to review. 
  4. Parents/guardians who enrol their student in the College agree to accept liability jointly and individually for the cost of restitution for any damage resulting from the wilful or negligent actions of their student. 
  5. All fees and charges are to be paid in accordance with the College’s fees schedule as published from time to time. The arrangements for payment of such fees and charges must be made prior to the commencement of the period to which they relate. Parents or guardians are jointly and individually responsible for ensuring payment of fees and charges are made to the College in accordance with the fee schedule. 
  6. A student may be refused admission to a new term at the College if any fees and charges from the previous term remain unpaid and satisfactory alternative arrangements are not in place. 
  7. One term’s notice in writing must be given to the College before the withdrawal of a student from the College, including withdrawal at the end of the year. Failure to give such notice by the last day of any term for withdrawal no earlier than the last day of the following term will involve the payment of one term’s tuition fee dating from the last day of attendance of the student. This fee will only be waived in the case of there being, in the view of the Principal or Business Manager, extenuating circumstances that could not have been anticipated, leading to the withdrawal of the student. These circumstances need to be set out in the letter notifying the intent to withdraw. 
  8. The payment of full fees is necessary to hold a guaranteed place whenever a student is absent from the College for any period of time during the year. 
  9. The College reserves the right to amend these conditions and the College’s fee schedule from time to time without prior notice. 
  10. The College accepts no liability for personal property brought to the College or to a College excursion or event. 
  11. All students are bound by the College rules and regulations issued by the Principal from time to time. 
  12. Parents agree to provide details of any mental, physical or behavioural conditions of a student who is enrolling at the College that may affect their learning or welfare, or the learning or welfare of another student, or the welfare of any person at the College.
  13. It is the obligation of the parent or guardian to ensure that the College is provided with current and updated information as and when changes in their circumstances occur. 
  14. Parents or guardians have read and agree to the College’s Privacy Policy. 
  15. Active parental support is both a precondition and continuing condition of holding a place at Thornlie Christian College. 


  1. Parents and guardians will declare unequivocal support for the Statement of Faith of the College. 
  2. Parents and guardians will pray for the College, its staff and programmes. 
  3. Parents and guardians will lay a spiritual foundation through a Godly example at home. 
  4. Parents and guardians will support the College’s endeavours to develop in their children a Christian world-view. 


The Principal retains the right of final decision in all enrolment applications.
In considering an enrolment the following issues will be taken into consideration:

  • Enrolment is subject to a successful interview with the Principal, the relevant Assistant Principal and/or any of his/her delegates. 
  • A position must be available in the relevant group. 
  • Enrolment numbers in a particular class may be capped if the composition of the class is likely to have a detrimental impact on the teaching/learning situation. 
  • Existing families must be meeting all financial obligations to the College at the time of a further application. 
The Principal will consider the following aspects when deciding on an enrolment:
  • Is/are either one or both parents practicing Christians? 
  • Does the enrolee have siblings already attending the College? (For the purpose of enrolment, a sibling is defined as a child who shares at least one biological parent with a child who is attending Thornlie Christian College, or a child who is legally adopted into the same family as a child who is attending Thornlie Christian College.) 
  • Is the enrolee a child of a Staff-member at the College? 
  • Is the enrolee currently enrolled in another Christian school? 
  • Do the parents, while not having a personal relationship with Christ, evince a strong commitment to the Christian values and expectations of Thornlie Christian College? 
  • Note: A child who might otherwise qualify for a place may be excluded from consideration where the parents have shown a lack of commitment to the Christian and/or community ethos of the College.