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Home Schooling Policy

Home Schooling Policy


Thornlie Christian College was established to provide a Christian Education alternative primarily to Christian families in the local area. The school focus is preparing children and young people for life assisting them in partnership with the family to, provide students the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, foster the development of Christian character and service, training them to stand for truth and integrity, encouraging the attainment of their highest levels of achievement, and preparing them for life.

Such an aim can only be effectively achieved where the school is able to actively support the family in this task. Direct enrolment therefore is our first priority and the main focus of the school’s activity.

There are however occasions when students for a variety of reasons are not able to attend the college full-time due to such factors as distance, disability or parental preference. Where such students are home schooled, the college may accept part time enrolment applications to support such students. The college does not however offer a home schooling program and it should be understood that our service does not extend to registration or supply of curriculum materials.

The school’s policy on this matter is as follows,

Students living near the college or in areas serviced by the school bus will not be accepted as part time home-school enrolments. Such students would be encouraged to attend the college on a full-time basis.

Exceptions may be considered if special circumstances can be demonstrated.

Home-schooled students will not be considered for enrolment at the exclusion of a full-time student.

In the event that a classroom quota is filled places for home-schooled students will be withdrawn.

Home-schooled or part-time students must be enrolled with an external agent other than the college.

All exemptions or approvals to home school must be sort by the individual family. The college does not accept responsibility for seeking such approvals.

The college does not accept responsibility nor liability for students while not under its direct care. Families choosing to home school must maintain their own insurances in this regard. (who covers them while on at the school or on an excursion)


Families of part time students will be expected to pay fees on a pro-rata basis and the difference between part and full time funding for both State and Commonwealth.