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Parent Support Group Policy



This policy is designed to provide guidelines and direction for the College Parent Support Group which is referred to as Parents in Action at Thornlie Christian College. These guidelines serve to offer direction and operational limitations for the group.


The general role of Parents In Action is to serve the needs of the College Community (consistent with the aims objectives and mission statement of the College), complementing the inputs of Board, Business Manager, and Principal and co-ordinate the responsibilities and involvement of Parents In Action in the College, establishing and maintaining unity and fellowship in the College community and promoting the interests of the College through co-operation between, parents, teachers, students and members of the general community. The objects of Parents In Action are to promote the interests of the College through co-operation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community. It should endeavor to work hand in hand with co-operation across the College community to support the best educational interests of the students as well as promote the College in the community. Parents In Action has an important role to play in fostering a positive College environment and assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the College.


Parents In Action is managed by an executive subcommittee Which will include a chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The function of the executive is to co-ordinate the activities and business of the College’s parent body.

The Deputy Principal will represent the College directly to Parents In Action and represent Parents In Action back to the College and Board. The Deputy Principal being conversant with the academic, economic and spiritual ethos of the College will be expected to guide Parents In Action in planning and organizing the parent activities.

Parents In Action is responsible to the Board for:
  1. Implementing relevant Board Policy.
  2. Locating and mobilizing community resources to serve College needs and goals.
  3. Developing of College amenities and facilities via working bees and support of building programmes.
  4. Communication to Board of its plans, intentions and activities via the Deputy Principal.
  5. Communication to Parents In Action of the College its plans intentions and activities.
  6. Provision of practical support to professional staff.
  7. Foster and maintain goodwill within the parent community.
Executive members should remember they are part of a team and should not therefore act in isolation. Executive members need to work closely with the Principal and wider College community to ensure decisions are implemented.

Within Parents In Action, the following are the roles of each appointed member.


The Chairperson’s main role is to ensure that Parents In Action functions in an effective and amicable manner. This responsibility includes:
  • Understanding the aims and the philosophy of the College
  • Understanding meeting procedures
  • Keeping the meeting going, finding the balance between informed decision making and prolonged discussion
  • Starting and finishing on time
  • Ensuring all members have the opportunity to participate
  • Ensuring a fair distribution of the work load between Parents In Action members
  • Ensuring minutes and agenda are pre-circulated to Parents In Action members and the Board of Directors.
The Chairperson also needs to:
  • Be informed about the current activities at the College (meeting regularly with the Deputy Principal)
  • Contribute to the maintenance of good morale amongst Parents In Action members


The Deputy Principal’s role on Parents In Action is largely liaison between Parents In Action and the Board, Staff and College.

Responsibilities include:
  1. Assemble, represent and communicate to Parents In Action a consensus of Board, Staff views on matters that relate to the role and function of Parents In Action Executive.
  2. To offer a point of view as a Board representative and teaching staff member on matters that arise during Parents In Action meetings; this may be personal (there being no forward notice of the issue) but is to be indicative of the " Board Position"
  3. To communicate back to Board and Staff, the business and proceedings of Parents In Action as they affect Board Issues.
  4. To report on developments within the College.
  5. To submit requests for practical support, resources, needs and the requirement for further facilities.
  6. To update on developments within the wider College community and report the same to College parents.


Responsibilities include:
  1. Keep Minutes of the meetings and ensure copies are distributed to Parents In Action members and the members of the Board of Directors
  2. Prepare written correspondence for Parents In Action
  3. Bring correspondence to the attention to Parents In Action committee.


  1. Be responsible for fund-raising co-ordination, collection and banking of monies and keeping records of same.
  2. Liaise with the College Business Manager regarding the ordering of goods and the preparation of cheques for payment.
  3. Prepare a simple budget indicating planned expenditure and fund-raising targets to be achieved.


COMMUNITY BUILDING: Build a sense of community within the College parent body.
FUND RAISING: Co-ordination and organization.
PRAYER: Organization of prayer groups.
REPRESENTATION: Of the parent body to the Board of Directors.
COMMUNITY LIAISON: Keeping the parents informed, developing unity.
ORGANISATION: Organisation of fellowship activities etc.
STAFF: Support and equipment.


  1. All fund raising activities must be directed to the Executive of Parents In Action for final approval.
  2. Fund raising activities should aim, on the whole, to raise funds from outside the College community to minimize the affect of fund-raising on College families.
  3. In planning a fund-raising project consideration should be given to the range of economic circumstances of College families.
  4. Alcohol is not to be consumed nor in any way promoted at any College fund-raising activity.
  5. Any activity, that might be considered to be gambling i.e. games of chance, raffles, chocolate wheels etc. are not to be conducted as College fund-raising events.
  6. All communication through the newsletter is to be approved by the Chairman of Parents In Action or the Deputy Principal.