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Pastoral Care Policy


It is the policy of Thornlie Christian College to ensure that all of our students both local and from overseas are provided with appropriate pastoral and family care.

Primary Support Network

Students in Primary classes are the responsibility of the classroom teacher in regard to pastoral care. The classroom teacher having most frequent contact with the students is in the best position to relate to the student and his/her family.

Parent Contact

Formal contact with the family occurs three times a year through family contact evenings in terms 1, 2 and 3. These evenings are designed to provide the teacher and the parent the opportunity to discuss academic progress and any pastoral issues, which may be of concern. Teachers are also encouraged to contact parents regarding pastoral issues as and when they arise.

Special Matters of Pastoral Concern

Matters of pastoral concern, involving local or overseas students, which are considered outside the scope of the classroom teacher’s responsibility will be referred to the Senior Pastor of the school’s governing church. The Senior Pastor provides chaplaincy services to the school and is kept informed of all pastoral needs.

Overseas students whose parents are attending a local church may have such pastoral needs referred to the senior pastor of the church where the family attends.