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Staff Dress Policy


The Staff Dress Policy at Thornlie Christian College is outlined for all staff in order to create a standard of dress appropriate to the image that Thornlie Christian College endeavours to maintain in the community. 
As far as possible this policy is intended to provide guidelines that place an equal expectation on both genders.  It is understood however that there will be some areas of dress where parity is not possible.

There are three levels of concern when considering how staff should dress - the Personal, the Public and the Professional. 

  1. The Personal Dimension:  How we dress can be an important way for us to demonstrate our individuality. We can demonstrate our personal creativity and uniqueness, in our attire. However, when at work we should always seek to express our personal selves within the parameters of our professional standing and the College expectations. 

  2. The Public Dimension:  We are not individuals living in a vacuum.  Therefore in our corporate lives we are required to reflect our professionalism to our community. 

  3. The Professional Dimension:   The school classroom is a distinct place. It should be a place of deepening understanding and open relationships - and this occurs around the highly disciplined art of teaching and learning. We thus have to consider that our dress code reflects an appropriate level of self-discipline. At Thornlie Christian College one external indicator of self-discipline for students is learning to dress appropriately, according to the occasion. We expect this principle to be reflected by all staff.


All staff are required to dress in a manner suited to their work and in keeping with the high standards set for the College. Teachers are required to dress in a manner reflecting the status that the profession seeks to maintain. This requirement to dress professionally is important whenever staff are engaged in their regular employment and/or when representing the College in any manner. Exceptions to this may include retreats, camps, free dress days and some excursions.  Any such departure from the dress code should be discussed with the relevant member of the Leadership Team. (Principal, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal or Business Manager)

Any staff member taking activities outdoors may be permitted to dress so as to permit ease of movement and ensure safety.

Any staff member attending a formal College event (e.g. Parent Evenings, Commencement Service, Open Day, Eisteddfods, Excursions) should dress in accordance with College professional expectations.

In determining suitable dress, staff are expected to take into consideration relevant Occupation, Health and Safety issues pertaining to the activities in which they are engaged.


As professional dress is subject to personal taste and fashion, the following is outlined to clarify for staff what is required to maintain a professional standard Thornlie Christian College.


The College Corporate Polo shirt may be worn in Terms 1 & 4. (Tucked in)
Long or short sleeved collared shirts/blouses (Tucked in)
Tailored trousers, skirts and or dresses (of an appropriate length)
Tailored dress shorts
Appropriate shoes

Unsuitable Attire:
  • unlaundered and/or unironed items of clothing.
  • denim jeans
  • cargo shorts 
  • sports shoes (other than for Physical Education)
  • tights/leggings should only be worn under a dress/skirt of appropriate length (other than for Dance, Physical Education)
  • t/shirts 
  • tracksuit tops/windcheaters
  • spaghetti strapped, halter neck or backless tops or sundresses
  • low necklines
  • open gaping arm holes
  • barbecue or beach wear (both clothing and footwear)
  • casual wear and extremes of fashion (including when on camp) for example – 
    • exposed midriffs
    • visible body piercings (other than earrings.)
    • hairstyles should reflect the College’s professional corporate expectations at all times.
Female staff should bear in mind the expectations for appropriate footwear that apply to both genders.

Male staff, in keeping with the ideal of staff setting the example for students, are expected to wear a tie in Terms 2 & 3 and wearing of a tie is encouraged in Terms 1 & 4.  A corporate tie may be purchased for this purpose.


The College Corporate or other polo shirt (need not be tucked in when engaged in sporting activities.)

Shorts of dress short length
Sports shoes and socks

Casual wear such as:
  • denim 
  • cargo shorts 
  • jeans 
  • t-shirts
  • leggings 
  • windcheaters
  • thongs
should not be worn.  

Unless for a specific purpose, (e.g. AFL ambassador) branded clothing should not be worn.


(i.e. Design Technology, Home Economics and Art as well as Laboratory Technicians and Technical Assistants)  

Should wear appropriate clothing to match their duties e.g. Shirt, trousers/skirt that are of professional standard and generally more wearing.  In some cases a corporate uniform is available.

Clothing should meet occupational health and safety standards.
Dust coats, dust masks and protective eye wear are provided to specialist curriculum staff and must be worn at appropriate times for occupational safety and health reasons.


Maintenance, Grounds, Bus Drivers, and Canteen staff are supplied with a uniform, to be worn while on duty at the College.

Maintenance, Grounds, Bus Drivers and Canteen staff are required to wear closed-in shoes while performing their duties. (e.g. steel-capped shoes for Maintenance and Grounds staff, safety glasses, ear protection, gloves etc.)    


Specific corporate clothing supplied by the College is worn by staff who work at the counters and/or are first points of contact for visitors and prospective families.  (Parent Services, Reception, Registrar)

Leadership staff should always reflect the highest levels of professionalism:
Males  -  Jacket and tie except in very hot weather (corporate tie and shirts available)
Females – comparable level of formality.

On agreed casual dress days, staff may relax the dress standard, according to their area of responsibility. On days when students are not present, staff members who are meeting students, parents or the public, should follow the standards set down for term times.


A staff member may be exempt from specific standards for medical reasons.

It is expected that staff who have been provided with a corporate uniform will wear them at all times that they are fulfilling the duties for which they have been supplied. At all other times staff are expected to adhere to the Staff Uniform Policy.

Staff Uniform Policy to be reviewed every 3 years (Jul 2014)