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Sunsmart Policy


  • Over exposure to the sun presents a serious health risk. Students at TCC must be educated as to the need for suitable sun protection, and protected from over exposure to the sun whilst at school. 


  • To increase student and community awareness of skin cancer. 
  • To assist students to develop strategies which encourage responsible decision-making about sun protection. 
  • To provide a safe school environment. 
  • To encourage students, parents, teachers and staff to wear protective clothing, hats and sunscreen during high-risk times such as lunch times, sports, camps and excursions. 


  • This policy is to be read as part of our Student Dress Code. 
  • All students will be required to wear the College broad-brimmed hat or peaked cap during terms 1 and 4 whenever they are outside. 
  • Staff will act as role models by also wearing hats when outside. 
  • Students without broad brimmed hats will be restricted designated shaded areas. 
  • Students will be actively encouraged to wear a broad-spectrum water resistant sunscreen (SPF30+). Sunscreen will be provided upon request on school days as well as at all sporting events, camps and excursions. Sunscreen will be applied by students according to the manufacturer’s directions, under the supervision of teachers. 
  • Students are encouraged to wear sunglasses when outdoors. 
  • Whenever possible, outside activities on hot days will be scheduled before 11:00 am. 
  • The College will provide adequate shade structures for students as practicable; particularly over high-density areas such as eating spaces and passive leisure locations. Temporary shade structures will be erected at events such as swimming and athletic sports. 
  • The College will ensure that uniform broad brimmed hats and peaked caps are available for purchase from the uniform store. 
  • The College will reinforce the sunsmart policy regularly.