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Work Experience Policy


To provide a work-based learning programme to give students the opportunity to achieve employment-related Key Competencies and Employability skills in a workplace situation.

To provide students in Year Ten the opportunity to “shadow” an employee in the workplace to establish whether or not it is an area they would like to pursue in the future as a career or choose for further studies.

To provide programmes across a number of Industries that are relevant to a large proportion of Year Ten students.

The programme provides motivation for students, assists in their preparation for future education and training or direct entry to employment and help in formulating closer links between the College and the local community.

Students, with the assistance of the College and their parents find a suitable place for the work experience relative to an area of interest.

The programme provides students with an experience of work through which they can achieve and be given credit for learning outcomes which will contribute towards points to go to TAFE and a reference from the employer to assist with future employment opportunities.

Students will complete one work placement for a duration of one week in Term Three completing between 35 and 40 hours.

Students while in the workplace are covered by the College Insurance.